There are several challenges involved while setting up your business in a foreign country due to local laws, customs, languages etc.  One may have to call several authorities and service providers before starting their desired business in a place that is suitable. The problem, however, doesn’t end there even the business has been established. Business owners are faced with myriad of tasks that they’d need to complete from time to time to ensure that their business is running smoothly. In these moments, its advisable to reach out to a consultancy firm that provides a complete PRO solution to address your needs.

Here are five benefits of outsourcing PRO services:

1. Stress free and Tranquility

Company formation in the UAE, be it Free zone, mainland or offshore requires timely submission of legal documents to various authorities and agencies.

Usually, it is the entrepreneur who will have to arrange plethora of documents like visas, ID cards, UAE driving licences, police clearance, power of attorney etc., While simultaneously trying to kickstart a business.

This is where outsourcing your PRO work to a PRO service specialist provides peace of mind for two key reasons:

  • They are well versed and highly experienced in dealing with government entities
  • They keep themselves abreast with the rules, latest updates

The benefits of outsourcing your PRO work is that the entrepreneur will have more time to focus on growing and running his/hers business quickly, rather than waste time on having to master various governmental and legal procedures. In addition to this having a lack of knowledge or mistake could be detrimental to your company. It’s imperative to have a specialist take care of this and save you a fortune in the process

2. Arranging Visa on your behalf

Obtaining visas for dependents and for yourself is a chore as it requires a fair bit of paperwork and multiple trips to Government offices and clinics.

A PRO service will be able to ensure that all of the documents are submitted and applications are completed correctly on time. They can take care of:

  • Sponsorship of the dependents’ visas
  • Entry permits
  • Status adjustment
  • Medical fitness tests
  • Emirates ID registration
  • Visa stamping

The UAE Government, makes it explicitly clear that it is illegal to work in the UAE with or without pay while being on a visit or tourist visa.

It makes a lot of difference if you are able to tap into specialist knowledge of the UAE and its visa requirements, as this will take the stress away for you and your dependents, thereby freeing up your time to focus on core business activities.

3. Legal advice when you require it

Managing legal documents, records, and checking and completing legal paperwork is an arduous process and takes an incredible amount of effort.

When there is a lot at stake while starting a new business in one of the world’s leading startup hubs, it’s imperative that you fully comprehend every legal document.

Outsourcing to a PRO specialist (preferably Arabic speaking) to translate and attest your legal paperwork will convey a sense of clarity and re-assurance that you are adhering with government regulations. It will also help you avoid mistakes in interpretation of legal jargon.

4. Helping you with Emirates ID and other vital documents

Emirates ID card is a legal requirement for all UAE citizens and residents as it provides proof of identity to get government services. It is also a travel document for UAE citizens to travel within the GCC.

Your outsourced PRO can assist you in obtaining or renewing your Emirates ID card quickly and easily by ensuring the application form is devoid of any mistakes, and is supported by the right documents.

It’s important to note that that you can be fined AED 20 per day up to a maximum of AED 1,000 for late submission of ID card applications, so its advisable to get it right the first time.

PRO outsource experts can also obtain a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) and provide power of attorney. Also known as ‘Good Conduct Certificate’, the PCC is a copy of your criminal record in the place that you reside.

Apart from that, they can also take care of getting and renewing driving licenses and any other licenses you may require to operate your business legally and effeciently.

Outsourcing such services will save a lot of time and effort, which in turn avoids your from getting side-tracked from your business objectives in the process.

5. Enabling quick access to business support services

A PRO specialists can help you secure your Chamber of Commerce membership and renewal as well as day-to-day business services such as delivery or collection of important documents.

Most of the time it is the minor services that are the most frustrating to deal with when you’re busy setting up or growing your business. Outsourcing to a local PRO expert ensures that you can always get help whenever and wherever you need it, without having to invest in a full-fledged PRO team