Mainland Company Formation in Dubai, UAE

A commercial activity license is issued to a company when it is involved in commercial trading activity or trading specific to any goods. The General and specialized traders can avail a commercial license in UAE. Apart from this, real estate related activities, retail companies, construction companies, sale of goods and products also falls under the commercial trade licenses category.

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Requirements for getting Commercial License in Dubai
There are some specific requirements to apply to get a company registration in Dubai. The investor must choose the form of business to be registered in Dubai and obtain the initial approval. Thereafter the parties can finalize and execute the company’s Memorandum of Association. On submission of the final set of required documents and on approval from the Department of Economic Development, the license will be issued. As per UAE Commercial Companies Law, it is mandatory for a UAE National to hold a minimum of 51% shares in a limited liability company in the event a non-GCC National participates as a shareholder. Based on these documents and activity, the final license is issued by the Dераrtmеnt оf Eсоnоmіс Development.

There are a number of professional licenses which can be owned fully by foreign nationals. The license requires the owner to appoint a UAE National as a local service agent by way of executing an agreement before the Notary Public. The agreement can mention the remuneration for the UAE National local service agent and he will be entitled to only the said fixed amount as remuneration


Professional licenses are issued based on the educational qualification and area of expertise. For more details, please feel free to contact us.

For foreign companies wishing to have a presence in UAE, one preferred way is to establish a branch office or representative office. Branch office of a foreign company is allowed to perform any business activity similar to that of its parent company. It can also earn profits with these business activities.

Representative offices can only market and promote products and services of its parent company. It is not permitted to earn profit through business activities.

  • To open a branch or representative office in Dubai, a manager must be appointed to represent the company. The manager must have an approved motion by the Board of Directors to open the branch.
  • All the company documents have to be as per the format accepted by the Dubai Laws.

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The one person limited liability company is a company where one person, natural or corporate, owns the entire share capital. Currently, only GCC nationals are allowed to establish One Person LLC’s. The name of the company shall be connected to the name of its owner and shall be followed by the expression one person LLC Company. All laws related to limited liability companies will apply to the one person LLC.


The one person company consists of one person only. It is same as the sole-proprietorship however they differ in some provisions. The most important of which is that its liability is limited to the sole partner’s share in the share capital whereas, within the sole-proprietorship, the liability is unlimited. All commercial, industrial, tourist, professional (except consulting) shall require the approval of the competent authority regulating such activity.

Industrial license is issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED) with approval from Ministry of Economy for entrepreneurs who transform natural material or natural resources into their final products. The transformation of the products should be done either manually by segregating, filing, assembling or packing products. Else it must be mechanically performed and it can start from raw materials or semi-manufactured ones. These licenses will require approvals from other competent government authorities (e.g., Municipality) as per the licensing requirements.


To apply for an Industrial license in United Arab Emirates, it is mandatory for a UAE national to hold a minimum of 51% of shares.

Dubai is always known as the Business Hub in the Middle East to attract outsiders to start up a new business. Business owners are looking for ease of documentation and other paper works to do the business. With the launch of Instant License by the Business Registration and Licensing (BRL Department of Economic Development Dubai (DED), the licensing procedure has been made easier and quicker. Most of the commercial licenses in this category is issued within minutes. There is no need for an office or lease agreement for an instant license and the investors are allowed to start their business activities immediately.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is mainland company formation?

A Mainland company is a company registered in one of the UAE DED.It means that if you choose to conduct business in UAE Mainland, you will need to register a business entity with the DED, which will then provide you a business license to start doing business in UAE.

2) Can a Freezone company do business in mainland?

A Freezone company can open its business in the mainland by registering their branch with the Ministry of Economy and the DED.The branch can be wholly owned by the Freezone entity and it will have the same trade name as the parent company. There is also a requirement of appointing a UAE local service agent.

3) What is the difference between mainland company and Free Zone company?

The fundamental difference between mainland and free zone is that Free Zone Company cannot conduct its operation in non-free zone without the support of a local agent whereas a mainland company freely operates its business activities anywhere in UAE. There are numerous free zones in Dubai.

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