Goverment Liaising Consultant

Government Liaising

Information on the process for obtaining regulatory approvals and the understanding of legal documentation can become a daunting task. Obtaining government and regulatory approvals are difficult to obtain. They are time-consuming if not guided properly through the process of procuring Government Liaising in UAE.
With direct access to Government ministries and departments in the UAE, Profound Business Services in Dubai provides hands-on licensing and liaising services. The on-the-ground authorities in each department at Profound Business Services Dubai ensure that they constantly liaise with different administration departments. Profound Business Services keeps its processes up to date with government requirements, approaches, and timelines.

Services Offered

  • Visa processing, renewal, and cancellation
  • Assistance with fresh and renewals of commercial license applications
  • Family, resident, and employee visas
  • Applications to Department of Immigration
  • Applications and Assistance with Ministry of Labour Quotas
  • Visas for short and long term project work
  • Obtaining and renewing regulatory licenses
  • Emirates ID cards form completion
  • UAE Saudi Visa
  • Visit Visa and extension of Visit Visa
  • Application and assistance for Driving Licenses
Profound’s professional and affordable Government Liaison services provide specialized solutions to all application processing, renewal, and clearing services.
Information on the process and the documentation for obtaining government and regulatory approvals may at times be difficult to obtain and will be very time consuming if you are not guided properly in UAE.
Our consultants are constantly liaising with various government departments and are up to date with government requirements, processes, and timelines. Our professional approach, knowledge in the field and service delivery has been appreciated by the various government departments can provide you with a unique advantage in obtaining complex permits and approvals in a short period.