Government Approvals in Dubai

Government Approvals

The first and foremost approval process is supposed to be the initial step to obtain a trade license in Dubai. A trade license ensures licensed and approved business and trade activities in the country. With the trade license government approval services from Profound Business Services, startups, entrepreneurs and companies can start practicing business activities legally in the emirates. During the government approvals service, the clients can issue a record of agreement or a service agent record or deal according to the legal form that is specified in the original approval.

Approvals Included in Government Approval Services by Profound

The procedural service provided by Profound Business Services includes Government Approvals for businesses from the following channels.
  • Customs
  • Road and Transport Authority
  • Dubai Civil Aviation
  • Department of Economic Development
  • Ministry of Economy
  • The municipality, RERA, and Police department
  • Protective System
  • Dubai Health Authority/Ministry of Health
  • Tourism
  • KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority)
  • Chamber of Commerce and TRA (Total Return Analysis)
The initial approval process is considered the first step to obtaining a trade license in Dubai. Once the initial approval is issued, the client can complete all other procedures at other government departments. Approvals from the government departments can be Customs, Road and Transport Authority, Dubai Civil Aviation, Department of Economic Development, Ministry of Economy, Municipality, RERA, and Police department, Protective System, Dubai Health Authority/Ministry of Health, Tourism, KHDA, Chamber of Commerce and TRA.