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import-export business in Dubai

How to start the Import – Export Business in Dubai?

Dubai is a centre point of organizations for quite a long time. Due to Dubai’s political and economical stability, import-export business in UAE is the utmost choice for every business-minded person. Being centrally located between Asia, Africa, and European continents, the UAE has been a bridge for trade between them. Import-export companies are growing in the UAE as it is the most profitable business here. Dubai Government has setup e-services for the import and export companies in Dubai to make their work easier and more efficient.

Any business that deals with import-export activity in Dubai need to register with Dubai Customs. Registration process has become online but the documents need to be submitted to the Customs office in person. All the goods imported to and exported from Dubai will be monetarized by the Customs office whether they fall under the prohibited list of the Customs office or not.


Dubai Import:

Goods being imported into Free Trade Zones are exempt from duties. Also, re-exports from UAE. Free Trade Zones to third market destinations beyond the GCC Customs Zones are also exempted from any duty. However, such goods when imported with the intention of re-exporting them as a whole or partially to another country, a Deposit or Guarantee equivalent to the applicable tariff amount on the goods shall be secured in lieu of Customs Duty. For this procedure, the Declaration Type “Import for Re-Export to Local from ROW” needs to be cleared. Currently, this declaration is limited to those with a value higher than AED 20,000 except in case of vehicles.

Dubai Export:

An export is a function of international trade whereby goods produced in one country and shipped to another country for future sale. Exports are a crucial part of the country’s economy. Goods destined for the UAE’s Customs Zones are subject to a duty under the GCC’s Common Customs Law while goods destined for Free Trade Zones are exempt from duty.

If you are looking to start your business with import-export activity in Dubai then you must have the import-export license in Dubai.

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