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impact of expo 2020 on UAE buiness

Impact of Expo 2020 on UAE business

The United Arab Emirates is going to host one of the largest event- World Expo 2020. The theme of Expo 2020 is “Connecting Minds and Creating Future”.

More than 170 nations will take part in Expo 2020 to boost the UAE’s global reputation and encourage economic growth.

This upcoming largest event will bring forth massive opportunities for business and will help in investment in the region through investors moving or expanding their business here when done right.

Here are some factors how Expo 2020 will boost the business

UAE is expecting 25 million visitors

With number of people arriving to the country in a span of six months, there are too many opportunities to showcase what the UAE has to offer, especially to expats who want to move into UAE or invest in UAE.

It simply means you must have a strategy for your business to make relationships and in-person connections. These will act as a bridge between you and your potential collaborations and closing the business deals.

New Frontiers

The UAE often recognised for its amazing tourism and hospitality. With the Expo 2020, the world can experience the capability of the country in terms of successfully hosting business in different sectors such as construction, finance, logistics, shipping channels and many more. This will prove the country as the best place to grab a global business opportunity.

New infrastructure will stretch far beyond Expo 2020

One of the major concerns for cities hosting Expo is making sure that the site remains useful even after the event. After Expo 2020, Dubai will transform the Expo site in District 2020. It will include offices, residential spaces, leisure amenities, cultural attractions, parks and many more.

Alongside, the government is making sure that it is accessible by expanding the road tracks, metro links and expanding the airport capacity to accommodate more visitors. This will give a boost to logistic sector of UAE to efficiently compete with other international business centres and it will result in the growth of the economy.

Expo will provide new job opportunities

This event will expand employment and an increase in skilled workers. Expo 2020 will provide numerous opportunities to hire the best international talent.

It will boost the economy

As a number of visitors are coming to Expo, it will significantly impact on the economy. Expo 2020 is expected to generate up to USD 35bn, and bring the foreign investment up to USD 150bn in the UAE through sectors like retails, hospitality and real estate.

Are you planning for setting up your business in UAE and expanding to worldwide? this year is perfect to make your dream come true. With an efficient business strategy, you can take advantage of your connections and business deals to make a good profit.

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