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Entrepreneurs planning for a new business setup in Dubai are required to keep certain things in mind before having their trade registered under the law.
Now in case you are planning to shift your base and start a new business around the city of Dubai, then you cannot afford to miss out on following certain regulations and accumulating enough knowledge on the essentials of offshore company formation in Dubai.

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Cost of establishing a new business in Dubai

Setting up a new business in and around Dubai would require raising capital investment, employees visa and of course all costs related to issuing trade licenses. The cost would however depend on the nature and functionality of the business that you would wish to build up. In addition to it the legal structure of the company would also play a crucial role in the matter of business setup and overall cost.

Nationality of the business partners would also play a crucial role

If you are an UAE national, then you will be able to set up joint liability companies, commercial and industrial proprietorship, simple commandite companies and more. Now in case you are not an UAE national, then you can set up different other types of businesses where you need to rope in a UAE national as a sponsor of the trade. The types of companies which would require a UAE national as a sponsor include LLC companies, PrJSC companies, Public Joint Stock Companies and civil companies with engineering activities involved.

Guideline for the foreign companies planning to establish a branch in UAE

If you are wondering if a foreign company can set up a branch in the UAE, then the answer is yes. But for that the company needs to maintain a certified letter from the parent company, and get it approved by the United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Economy. And in addition, a foreigner can get an unlimited license for setting up business in the country.

Benefits of setting up a business in the UAE’s free zones

Setting up a business in the UAE’S free zones has several advantages. Among the most notable ones, corporate and personal tax exemption, 100% refund of capital and profits, export and import tax exemption, easy licensing procedure get a special mention. However, the benefits stated above may vary according to the respective authorities and nature of free zones across the country.

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