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PRO Services

Our specialized PRO Services include applying and obtaining approvals from various government and regulatory institutions and ministry, including the following approvals:
  • New Trade Licenses
  • Amendment & renewal of Trade Licenses
  • Membership in Chamber of Commerce & Industry Certificate
  • MOHRE (MOL) Card Processing
  • GDRFA Establishment Card Processing
  • New Visa & Visa Renewal Services
  • Visa Amendment/ Modification Services
  • Visa Cancellation Service
  • Visa Stamping Services
  • Applying P.O Box & Renewa

Why Choose Profound Business Services?

Are you looking for PRO Services in Dubai? Is documentation cumbersome? Then you are at the right place.

We have an expert team who can guide you through all the processes, visa approvals, and other related documentation. Preparing documents according to the rules of the Dubai government, getting approvals, visiting government officers is not that easy; it requires time and patient to wait at offices. For all your company formalities, it would be wise to hire a reliable service provider. We at Profound Business Services have experts with years of experience in this field. They help customers prepare documents, application submissions, signatures and stamps, visa collections, and approvals from various government and regulatory institutions.

Experts at Profound Business Services are well equipped with the Dubai government’s rules, regulations, and legal procedures making it easy to get licenses for new businesses and other related services. We extend our services to Corporates as well as individuals based on their requirements.

Choose us and enjoy a hassle-free PRO Service!

Special Feature of Profound Business Services

  • Dedicated, experienced team to help clients from inception to completion.
  • Regular updates to our clients about their visa and licensing renewals.
  • We value our clients and keep all documents secure and safe.
  • Our services are transparent and affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions

PROs are in liaisons with the UAE government to help companies with trade license renewal in UAE through submission of legal documents, securing approvals to various state / local agencies and judicial department in minimum time frames.
What is PRO card Dubai?
Under the law, setting up an offshore company is not an offence or crime if the company is not involved in any illegal activity. However, those who have not declared these companies in their returns as assets can face legal action.