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If you’ve been thinking about setting up a company in Dubai for a while, chances are you already have some ideas of what your business location looks like. That’s actually great but that’s not enough because getting the right location is so much more than looking for a place that looks close to the one you’ve projected. There are more things to put into consideration such as being in a competitive location, keeping within your budget, meeting government regulations and laws, etc.

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So, here are some tips to help you decide on the perfect location for your business.

Population Demographics

Make sure to find out if a huge percentage of human traffic in your chosen area falls under your targeted consumer base. For a reseller and some other service providers, this might be critical, but for other kinds of businesses, it may not be as important. The customer profiling that you have for your target market will guide you in making this decision.

After assessing your target market, take some time to look at the community. If you have locally based customers, does an adequate percentage of the population in the area match your customer profile to support your business? Does the area have a stable economic base that will give your business a healthy environment? Be a little more watchful when considering areas that are mainly reliant on a specific industry for their economy; a downturn could be bad for any business.


Are competing companies located nearby the area? Having some competitors nearby might be good for other businesses, especially in industries where comparison shopping is popular. Seeing where your competitors are located gives you a good measure about the feasibility of setting up your company in the area. It then will depend on you to market your business to draw more customers/clients to your store.


Accessibility is important. Your business may be visible and offers the best product/service, but you also have to make sure that your target customers have easy access to it. An ideal location for a company setup in Dubai must have amenities including several parking spaces nearby gas stations around the area to cater to those who drive. It is also important to be near as possible to public transport stations so people are able to get to your location with ease.


Another significant consideration to keep in mind is the availability of the IT infrastructure. When you’re searching for possible locations, ask the landlord for some information about communication wiring such as the bandwidth of Internet connection and if the space is connected to a fibre-optic network. Even if you do not require these communication details now, they will be good to have in your office as your business expands.


Aside from the space rent, there are still other expenses that you need to consider. So, you need to know what are and what are not included in the space rental fee. Does it cover the utilities and security of the building? Who is responsible for the redecorating and renovation cost before you move in, if there’s any? Make sure to add these questions to your list when you talk to your landlord.

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