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Firosekhan CM

The Man

Mr. Firosekhan CM is a business setup specialist, helping new businesses start up their operations smoothly in the UAE and Greater Gulf Region. As a UAE-based company formation expert he brings together business owners and help them do business in Dubai and all over UAE and GCC countries. He is passionate about assisting local and international businesses with their specific business setup needs and answering any questions that they may have.

As a business setup expert, he has more than 16+ years of experience in setting up businesses for companies and entrepreneurs of foreign origins. His hard work behind helping 8000+ entrepreneurs to achieve their dream in UAE has been also noticed well by Dubai Government, and hence he has been rewarded with Dubai Golden Visa in February’22. He has set up businesses for both new startups, as well as existing companies who are expanding operations in the UAE. He currently serves as the MD at Profound Business Services LLC, providing a wide range of consulting and setup services to companies and entrepreneurs, including setting up processing licenses, visa applications, trade licenses and residency permits.

The Mission

Mr. Firosekhan CM, MD, Profound Business Services, is on a mission to help entrepreneurs and businesses around the world to start or expand their business in UAE. Profound Business Services provide companies who want to cross borders with options to collaborate with Certified and Experienced UAE Business Consultants, Accountants and Legal Professionals.

Profound Business Services is an experienced and a leading provider of business services and solutions in Dubai, UAE. We help SMBs, start ups as well as large businesses to start or expand their operations in UAE by equipping them with the necessary business solutions, expertise, knowledge and contacts. With our dedicated team of expert associates with right knowledge and experience, we are able to offer you round the clock services and support.

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If you are looking for a professional consultation service, then you are in the right place. Book an appointment with Mr. Firosekhan CM to get the best advisory for your venture in UAE. In the session, he will provide a diagnosis of your business, explain you the procedure of business setup, clarify all your doubts as well as suggest opportunities for improvement and growth. If you’re thinking of starting a business in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE, or if you’re just not sure how to get started, this session is for you.

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