Share Sale and amendments

Types Of Amendment

Ownership Related Amendments

  • Add/ Remove UAE National
  • Add/Remove UAE Local Service agents
  • Change an owner/a partner nationality
  • Adding / Removing Manager in the company
  • Change an owner/a partner name
  • Changing a partner in the company Withdrawal of the partner
  • Amendment to Partnership Structure of the Company
  • Liquidation of the company license
  • Replacement of heirs as partners
  • Replacement of heirs – license

Activity Related Amendments

  • Remove a business activity from the existing license
  • Adding a new business activity in the existing license

Other Types of Amendments

  • Changing the legal form of the company
  • Assignment of license
  • Change a company nationality
  • Changing a trading name
  • Freeze a business license
  • Merger of license
  • Reduce the share capital of the company
  • Increase the share capital of the company
  • Relocation of a business location