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A major entrepreneurial trend in recent years is to engage UAE based business setup consultants to help with new ventures in this flourishing economic atmosphere. Opting for the services of a well known and reliable firm of advisors such as Profound Business Services is a great way to ensure that your company gets the necessary help and guidance at this crucial stage.

How can we help you in Dubai Business Setup?

We can help you in a number of invaluable ways; listed below are just a few of them:

Dealing With Forms and Permits

One of the most tiring, time consuming and yet crucial aspects of starting a new venture is getting all the necessary documentation done. An advisory firm can help you get this done in as time-efficient a way as possible. We can also help you avoid errors which might prove to be disastrous at a later stage.

Setting Up the Structure of the Company

While most entrepreneurs have a set plan and vision in mind, actually executing the details is a task that often requires some amount of experience and expertise. Getting a helping hand with details like which departments your company should have, the workplace hierarchy and so on can prove to be really beneficial at this early stage.

Formulating a Business Plan

Again, the advisors will work strictly in a counselling capacity here. We can help with identifying potential investors and advertisers in the area. We can also give tips on what kind of business plan you might like.

Defining the Brand Image

We can also help with fine-tuning the details of your company’s vision and helping you translate that vision into a concrete marketing strategy.

Creating the Right Workplace

For a new venture to succeed, employee satisfaction and workplace efficiency is crucial. From the location, to the kind of building chosen, to the interior decor, to the arrangement of the furniture, every detail matters.

Choose Profound

While these things can be carried out by the firm owners or administrators themselves, hiring based on UAE business setup consultants provides a certain level of assurance and peace of mind at this crucial juncture. People can choose to let the firm of expert advisors handle the necessary but time consuming tasks and focus on the big tasks themselves. At the same time, we can also get advice about the major decisions from a team of seasoned professionals who know what it takes to make a venture succeed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can a foreigner register a company in Dubai?

Yes, a foreigner can start a business in Dubai, and many do. ... The emirate is home to many company formation experts and setup agents, created to help guide foreign entrepreneurs through the license, visa, and business incorporation processes.

2) How can I register a company in Dubai?

Dubai company register: Procedure
1) Decide who will be your local partner – Sponsor.
2) Get a name and activity approval from the Department of Economic Development (DED).
3) Look for business premises and make a tenancy contract.
4) Make a Memorandum of Association (MOA) with the sponsor and submit to DED.
5) Submit the MOA and the License application at DED along with the required legal documents and the tenancy contract.

3) Can a free zone company do business in Dubai?

Free zone jurisdictions do not permit companies registered under free zone authorities to do business in Dubai Mainland. Most trading companies in free zones are completely restricted from doing business in Dubai mainland.