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Pro services in Dubai

Why you require PRO service in UAE?

Public Relationship Officer (PRO) is helping business owners for all types of document clearance, processing governmental documents and paperwork. The work of a PRO is mainly to liaise with several government departments for issuance of business license, execute immigration formalities, external approval related to business from government bodies, etc. We offer PRO Services in UAE through Profound Business Services.

Business setup in Dubai involves several legal procedures in line with the Department of Economic Development (DED), The Ministry of Labour, the Immigration department and other government departments. While forming a company, certain Government and Ministry documents are required. As an expat, you will not be familiar with the governmental rules. This is where the role of PRO comes in.

What are the benefits of PRO Service?

A PRO can take care of all your legal requirements. As they are professional with this, they will save your time and money. 

Our expert PRO can assist you with below services

  • Employment Visa (New, Renewal & Cancellation)
  • Translation services (Legal & Normal)
  • Typing services (All types of employment application)
  • Government approvals
  • Change Sponsor / Cancel Sponsor
  • All type of document attestation
  • Labour related work
  • Immigration-related work
  • Family visa, Visit visa & Maid visa services
  • Authorized Emirates Id and Medical typing assistance
  • Free document collection and delivery services
  • Trade Mark Registration
  • Setting up a new company (Across the UAE)
  • Trade license (New, Renewal & Amendment)
  • Reliable Local sponsor arrangement
  • Consular & Notary Assistance
  • Liquidation

Why Choose Us?

  • With our service, you can save your recruitment costs
  • You save PRO visa cost, paid leave cost, Insurance cost
  • You save transportation cost
  • You save Parking ticket cost, Fuel cost, Salik cost
  • We assign a dedicated key account manager for you
  • We can handle an unlimited number of transactions
  • We keep the highest level of privacy
  • We are offering 100% transparency
  • We give free document collection and delivery service
  • We have a local sponsor service
  • We don’t have any hidden cost
  • We are offering pocket-friendly packages for PRO services in UAE.

In short, our professional team of PRO can handle all the documents, complete clearance and approval from all government departments. Our expert PRO will play a significant role to speed up the process and give you peace of mind with our experienced and free consultation.

Make an inquiry today, to get a pocket-friendly solution for our PRO services on +971 43206111 or email at [email protected]

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