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Welcome to the very first episode of the Profound Podcast. Today we are diving deep into the world of company formation in UAE with none other than Sana. She’s been crushing it in the business setup game for a solid 12 years now, and we are beyond excited to have her here on our maiden voyage. So everybody gets comfy and gets ready to level up our understanding of business setups in the UAE with Sana’s expert insights.**

**Can you share with us some insights into the current business opportunities in the UAE particularly in Dubai, that you might have observed?**

UAE is full of opportunities and we have so many sectors that are already booming, naming technology and innovation, real estate, the health sector, and the education industry, and then there is retail and e-commerce where you have a lot of opportunities in UAE.

**As a salesperson specializing in business setup services, what are the key considerations for entrepreneurs looking to establish a mainland company in Dubai?**

A mainland company is profitable if it’s incorporated in the right way, and that can be done by professional service providers. So as a salesperson, my key considerations for a mainland company is legal structure of the company, the business activity, and the location of the company. So these are the main and key considerations that we have to focus to set up a mainland company.

**What type of clients do you typically work with and what are their common needs or challenges when setting up a business in the UAE?**

I typically work with a diverse range of clients across various industries. Those can be manufacturers, SMEs, or multinational companies. We have entrepreneurs, then we have freelancers and consultants as well. Irrespective of their industry size, everybody is actually finding it complicated to navigate through the regulatory procedures. So this is where we step in and help them.

**Could you walk us through your approach to understanding and addressing the unique needs of your clients during the business setup process?**

I think Consultancy is all about understanding your client’s needs. It is most important to understand what a particular client is looking for. I start with an initial consultation with the client wherein I ask them a series of questions to understand what they are looking for, why they are looking for, and what exactly they would expect from the business they are trying to set in the UAE. And moving forward with that, We educate the client based on their market knowledge in the UAE and then we come up with tailored solutions for them. And after all this, once the setup is done, there is the post-setup services.

**Sana, In your experience, what are the distinctive characteristics of Dubai or the UAE business environment that entrepreneurs should be aware of?**

I think the flexibility of this market and then the support we receive from the government or the entrepreneurs. And then there is innovation that is always there in this market. The cultural diversity and the tolerance about that, and not least, but most importantly, the taxation policies. The flexibility in the taxation policies in the UAE is amazing. So I think these are the best parts to set up a business in the UAE.

**How do you stay updated on the latest developments and regulations of the UAE business landscape to better serve your clients?**

We are in the digital world and we are in the hub of digitalization, which is UAE. So it’s easy to keep ourselves updated. We have seminars, we have different trainings, and then we have subscription services in the UAE to almost each and every authority website. Wherein we can keep ourselves always updated. Then there are newsletters monthly, weekly, daily basis as well, and we can always reach to our seniors in the same industry. So, you know, it’s really easy to keep ourselves updated if we are focused.

**Sana, can you please share any memorable experiences or success stories from assisting clients with their business Set-ups in Dubai?**

Oh, we have so many in Profound, but I would like to share one which just recently happened. We have a client of ours that belongs to the IT Sector, a joint IT company based in the US and some Asian countries for more than 20 years, and they find it challenging to move to the UAE because of the difference in regulations and taxation policy. So it was quite interesting to help them set up in UAE and move from a country like US, wherein the tax policies are totally different. So it’s an achievement on our part that we help such a giant IT sector to enter UAE Market.

**Congratulations Sana on receiving the Performer of the Quarter Award from Profound. What aspects of your routine or strategy do you think contributed to this achievement?**

Thank you so much, Aleesha. It’s definitely an honor to receive the quarter performer award from Profound. Thank you so much to the amazing management and the equally amazing team. It’s a teamwork, you know that very well. And then one thing that I would like to share is that we focus on understanding our client’s needs and then we come up with a tailored solution for them.

One thing that actually helps us in retaining clients is our post-setup services. So it’s not only about setting up a business, but it’s also about maintaining a business. And that’s what actually helped me receive this award. This seems like a great start for a podcast episode! It’s informative and engaging, providing valuable insights into the business setup process in the UAE.

Watch the Profound Podcast and discover Dubai’s business appeal with Sana, the leading business setup advisor from Profound. Don’t miss out on this expert insight.

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