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Now is the perfect opportunity to establish your business in the Kingdom. Our team of experts utilizes their experience, resources, and market intelligence to ensure a swift and fully compliant setup process. With Profound, you can expect a fast and hassle-free experience for your company formation in Saudi Arabia.

A Growing Nation

Saudi Arabia is experiencing rapid economic growth, positioning itself as one of the world's fastest-growing economies. The government's focus on implementing reforms and attracting investments has led to the development of new industries like tourism, renewable energy, and technology. These initiatives are not only driving economic growth but also creating exciting opportunities for investors.

Double Tax Treaties

Saudi Arabia has several double tax treaties with other countries, which can help reduce the tax burden for international investors. These agreements help ensure that companies and individuals are not taxed twice on the same income, making investing more attractive in the Kingdom.

Emerging Business Opportunities

Saudi Arabia's expanding economy has led to the emergence of new business opportunities across various sectors. The booming tourism industry presents investment prospects in hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions. The development of renewable energy offers opportunities in solar and wind power production. Furthermore, the thriving technology sector creates avenues for investment in e-commerce and digital services.

Vision 2030

Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 plan is a catalyst for change and growth. With ambitious goals to diversify the economy, it creates new opportunities for investors. The government's commitment to implementing this plan ensures a strong economic outlook and a supportive business environment, instilling confidence in investors.

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Types of Companies in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia offers various corporate vehicles for business owners and investors, and understanding the right corporate entity is crucial before making investment decisions. The New Companies Regulations (NCR) Act, effective from May 2, 2016, governs company formation and operations in Saudi Arabia.

The five forms of companies available for both local and foreign businesses in Saudi Arabia are:

  1. Limited Liability Company (LLC): The most common type, providing limited liability to owners with a maximum of 50 shareholders.

  2. Joint Stock Company (JSC): Capital is divided into equal-value shares.

  3. Single Member Limited Liability Company (SMLLC): A limited liability company with a sole owner who owns all the shares. Only one SMLLC is allowed per owner.

  4. Limited Partnership Company (LLP): A partnership company with limited liability for some or all partners, combining elements of partnerships and corporations.

Additionally, special business forms are available for foreign companies operating in Saudi Arabia:

  1. Joint Ventures: Collaboration between local and foreign companies for specific projects.

  2. Branch Office: A subsidiary of a foreign company in Saudi Arabia.

  3. Representative Office: An office established by a foreign company to conduct non-commercial activities, such as market research or liaison.

These different company types offer flexibility and options for businesses operating in Saudi Arabia.

Steps to start a business
in Saudi Arabia

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Choose Your Industry and Business Structure

The first step is to identify the industry you plan to operate in and the specific activities you intend to undertake. This decision will guide you in determining whether it is more suitable to establish your business in mainland Saudi Arabia or in a free economic zone. Additionally, it will dictate the type of license and legal entity that you need to obtain for your business operations.

Business Premises

Starting from 2023, Saudi Arabia requires foreign companies to have a regional headquarters in the country in order to obtain licenses. If you are establishing a branch company, you will need to lease a business premises or engage the services of a local service agent. For new companies, you have the option to either acquire premises in mainland Saudi Arabia or opt for a license package within a free economic zone.

Investment License

To start a business in Saudi Arabia as a foreigner, you will need to obtain an investment license from the Saudi Arabia General Investment Authority (SAGIA). This license grants you permission to invest in the country, establish a new company, purchase an existing company, or set up a foreign branch. In addition, you must apply for a commercial registration certificate from the Ministry of Commerce and Investment. This certificate validates your business and registers it officially in Saudi Arabia.

Additional Documentation

Obtain necessary documents from the Ministry of Commerce, including Memorandum of Association and Issuance of Commercial Registration. Appoint a General Director and provide proof of ID, address, passport copies, trade name confirmation, bank reference letter, and other required documents. Profound can assist with the process. Business visa application can also be managed by Creative Zone.

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Yes, Profound provides comprehensive assistance for Saudi Arabia Company Formation. Our team of experts will guide you through the registration process, legal requirements, documentation, and government interactions to establish your company in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia allows several types of business entities, including Limited Liability Companies (LLC), Joint Stock Companies (JSC), Branches of Foreign Companies, and more. The suitable business structure will depend on your business goals and activities.

In certain sectors, foreign investors can have 100% ownership of their company in Saudi Arabia. However, some industries may require a local partner or Saudi ownership participation.

The specific requirements for obtaining a commercial license in Saudi Arabia may vary based on the type of business activity. Generally, you will need to submit relevant documents, obtain necessary approvals, and comply with industry-specific regulations.

Yes, establishing a physical office is generally required for most types of business entities in Saudi Arabia. The office space should comply with local regulations and be suitable for your business activities.

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